Terms And Conditions

section 1.=> Registration Terms.

1. Note that all information entered during registration can not be change.

2. If found them to be faked or false will render your account suspended.

3. Carefully input your first and last name as your full Bank Account Name.

4. Your username and display name can be your nickname.

5. Your password should be strong or unguessable password to hackers.

6. Remember to enter your Bank Account Number correctly for there is no second chance for corrections and will lead to incomplete or error transaction during cash out process.

7. All Application for Becoming a Vendor get Approved or decline manually within the period of 24hrs or 2days depends on how you feel your details during registration.

8. We also verify your social handles during the period of verification process.

8. To be a qualified Vendor or get approved as a Vendor, you must have been on Facebook or have a facebook account that is up-to a 2-3yrs old minimum.

9. And should submit a Phone number Registered on trueCaller App with legit information provided here during registration.

10. Any Vendor Found Selling Nulled, infected, Files Or Tricked Buyers Of Giving False Name Other Than The File Name Or Different Files From From The Product Name Be Suspended For 7 days, And May Loose His Commissions As Well As To Settle The Buyers.

11. All Files Or Submitted Product Are Investigated Manually By Our (Custom Officer) In The Border Level.

12. To Become A Verified Vendor, you Will Pay The Sum Of 500 Naira To Become A Successful Member As A Vendor. Failure To Pay This Membership Fee Render Your Account Suspended.

13. Any Vendors That Violet The Terms And Condition/Privacy And Policy Will Be Suspended Or Lost His Or Her Commissions.


1. All Vendors Commissions are disbursed or paid out in the next 3 working days.

2. All Vendors will receive 80% of each sales the make.

3. A vendor can request for his/her payout aside from the normal payout time agreed on in Section 2 of subsection 1 of this T&C.